How do I open an account?

You may open your account online by clicking here. You may also call us Toll Free 888-452-8751 (Direct 785-582-5494), email us at support@piitrader.com and we would be happy to mail, email, or fax you an application.

Can I transfer my existing account to Paragon Investments, Inc.?

Yes. When completing an account application, simply complete the Transfer Request Form and we will handle the rest – without any additional charges!

What are your margin requirements?

We observe exchange minimum margin requirements for all markets.

Where is the money in my account held?

The funds are secured at ADM Investor Services, Inc. in a customer segregated funds account.

What are commissions and fees for trading?

Commissions are based upon trading volume and type of account, but will never exceed $40 per side.  A transaction fee ($5 or less, variable based upon contract) and NFA fees of 2 cents per contract are charged as well.

What kind of customer statements may I receive?

You will receive a statement when: (1) there is any activity in your account (2) a purchase and/or sale is executed in your account (3) the month ends (monthly statement summary). Account statements can either be mailed or emailed to the address listed on the account documents. Duplicate statements can also be sent to additional addresses upon request. Additionally, all account types have the ability to review their accounts online.

Could you send me some information about futures or options investing?

We would be happy to! Please contact us at 888-452-8751 or at info@piitrader.com for your request. Rest assured that your name will not be passed along to name vendors, as your privacy is one of our top priorities.