Chinese Pain, U.S. Gain?

China’s economy is showing signs of trouble, eliciting mixed reactions from Americans.

Typically, Chinese economic woes are a bad sign for U.S. companies, as China is a major buyer of U.S. goods like airplanes, cars, electronics, medical supplies, and agricultural products.

However, China’s current weakness may be a good thing for many Americans, as Chinese economic problems could be a sign that the trade war is damaging them more than the United States, which could bring them to the bargaining table.

New negotiations are scheduled for next week, which has U.S. companies optimistic about the future of a U.S.-China trade deal. This was especially true for soybean exporters, who are reporting renewed Chinese demand for the crop. Since Christmas, March soybean futures exploded from a one-month low to trade Friday for $9.21 per bushel.