Online Trading

Paragon clients are determined, focused, and self sufficient – yet they are not alone. Trading online or with a discount broker in the past may have left customers feeling isolated, but not with online trading services from Paragon Investments. Our customers are empowered with not only advanced trading tools and research, but also with the ability to instantly find answers and assistance from their individual account representative.

  • Discount Commissions key for high volume day traders, but at Paragon Investments, online you can also participate in the same savings that the professional traders enjoy.
  • Online Trading is important to most Independent Clients. As a result, we offer several different platforms to choose from. Test drive a demo to see which platform best matches your trading requirements.  » Learn More
  • Telephone Orders directly to our order hotline when it is critical that your order is placed immediately – or speak to your assigned representative for more personalized service.
  • Assistance can be found at a moments notice via Paragon’s customer service live chat, email, instant messaging, or telephone. Regardless of how you communicate with us, we are responsive and thorough so that your request is completed promptly.
  • Daily Fundamental & Technical Research from Paragon Investment specialists and 3rd party sources can be emailed directly to you. No matter what happens in your busy lifestyle, the latest news and commentary is only a few clicks away.


Trading Platforms

Paragon offers a number of different trading platforms–unlike most firms which are restricted to just one or two. We encourage you to test drive a trading platform to see which best fits your trading style. If you would like a one-on-one walk through for any of our platforms, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Core Platforms

Oak / Oak Web   |   Apex

Professional Platforms

TT Trading Technologies   |   CTS (Cunningham)   |   CQG